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Hello guys,

I have followed you from Westworld over to this show and am looking forward to the rest of the season of Taboo with you.

One comment from last week, one of you mentioned the eye-play between the clerk/scribe at the table and J. Delaney. Thinking how Delaney told us he observed the methods of Strange’s empire building i.e. implying he has served under Strange’s command, it would seem logical that Strange would surround himself with loyal personages, and therefore the clerk has risen up through the ranks to this “menial” position. Leading to the idea that Delaney and the clerk have had some previous relationship while in the East India cadet school or service. Perhaps this is the chap feeding Delaney some of his information.

Finally, I know you guys were taking suggestions for which show to do next after Westworld, if you are thinking to continue your podcast after Taboo, please let me suggest the up and coming show, American Gods featuring the star of Deadwood, Ian McShane. I am currently listening to the audiobook when not listening to my podcast list and it is fantastic. I am really looking forward to this show… here is the wiki link

Gary K.

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