Comic Book Or Graphic Novel?


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Juan in Key West, Florida. Love the podcast. Been around since Season 6 of GOT. First time emailing.

You guys… stop complaining about “two dimensional characters”. In 9 episodes, there’s not a lot of time for story telling and character development.

Angela eating the egg: she’s black and was discriminated against her whole life. “The long night” anyone? Of course she will eat the damn egg, y’all. She thinks she can bring justice to the world, something Manhattan could not do.

Loved the show. Should there be a Season 2? I vote no.

Keep up the great work!

Ps: I was in Chicago last weekend (bbrrr). At lunch I overheard some geeky guys talking about Watchmen. One of them said: I didn’t watch the movie or read the graphic novel, I’m planning on binge watch the whole show. So later I interrupted them and highly SUGGESTED to listen to the Shat on Tv podcast. PS2: what’s the freaking difference between “comic” and “graphic novel”??? Asking for a friend (?)

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