Coming to America Scenes Confuse Me

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Hey guys,
I wanted to reach out after episode 3. I have read the book and almost feel like the book is saving me here. As I watched last night’s episode I feel as though if I didn’t already know some of these characters I might have been out by the end. I say this because I know in the last confessional pod you guys had some emails talked about being on the edge. I wonder if this episode tipped them over to stop watching. I think one America God (coming to America) story an episode should be enough. I felt the second story dragged even thought it is a story from the book and was just another reason to show animated dicks again. All in all my wife lost intrest pretty quick in this episode and I felt the second story caused it really to faulter. Finally I have to comment on the scene where they rob the bank. It’s one of my favorite parts in the book and I think there should have been a conversation with Mr. Wednesday and the cop first, I mean let’s face it the more Wednesday the better. Thanks for all you guys do
Joe from Rhode Island

P.S. Shadows wife saying puppy really annoys me too.

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