Could The Egg Corrupt Angela?


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Why did Angela eat the Egg?

One possibility is that the Egg represents Cal’s “last will and testament”. He left it for her and made it clear to her that he wanted her to have it. It’s hard to imagine a bereaved wife not wanting one more moment of closeness to her dead husband.

Another is that Angela is not a saint. She’s not a raging narcissist, but she wants power, and I could see a future Watchmen story that explores how the power of Dr. Manhattan corrupts her morals.

Lastly, she might have eaten the Egg simply because it’s the equivalent of a primed nuclear bomb in her house. If she doesn’t eat it, she has to protect it and hide it. Will someone else detect all of that energy, and come after her to get it? Would one of her children find it? If no one eats it, does it explode? Honestly, there are not a lot of good options.

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