Daenerys Becoming The “Mad Queen”, Among Other Things

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Hi Guys,

This is Frankie B from Oakland California. I’m a huge fan of the podcast and have been listening since you first started doing Game of Thrones. I have several points I want to address and hear your opinion on.

First of all, in your instacast Big D said that Daenerys becoming the “Mad Queen” was a very fast development. I happen to disagree. Since Daenerys first got her dragons her advisers have had to convince her not to burn kings landing. She has always been impulsive and lashed out. For example, she watched as her brother was killed in season one, she crucified the slave masters and burned the Khals in season 6.

I think that she has always been the mad queen but up until this point, her advisers and people close to her have convinced her to be reasonable. But with the betrayal of Varys, Jon telling his sisters he is the rightful heir, and Misssandei’s death she now only trusts herself. We have watched her become more self-confident throughout the seasons. She has stopped relying on advice from others and now makes her own decisions. She has always had mad queen urges and this was the first one she acted on.

Second of all, I would like to address two possible outcomes that I see. First, Daenerys decides she cannot trust Tyrion and Jon and kills them both for treason. She ends up on the iron throne but, is an impulsive and merciless ruler (mad queen). Second, Tyrion convinces Jon that Daenerys cannot rule and must be stopped. Jon kills Daenerys and becomes King.

Another thing, you guys said you didn’t like how Cersei and Jaime Lannister died. I disagree with that as well. I think their remarkably common deaths show the absolute chaos that Daenerys’ dragons caused. Having them be buried alive while trying to flee, just as everybody else in King’s Landing did, is showing that even the queen and her brother die the same. Also, I think this might be indicative that Daenerys isn’t vindictive. She isn’t seeking revenge on Cersei, she simply wants to obliterate King’s Landing and start fresh with citizens that are loyal to her.

(I’m not saying that what Daenerys did was a good idea I’m just saying it wasn’t out of the blue)

Love the pod,

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