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The season finale was such a disappointment and left so much unanswered that at least for me it brought down the season as a whole. It left me feeling like why bother with another season?

There are many things one could say but I’ll start my griping session with this…..

That was Bernard’s grand plan? For everyone to die so that Hale would come back with a change of heart and bring Dolores to the sublime to give sentience another pass there? That seems a little uninspiring. Why was it a forgone conclusion that there was only that one path to salvage anything from this world that could possibly live on? The stakes and tension they told us about was never really shown. In fact if I’m not mistaken we only knew the world was ending because Bernard told us. When it came to forewishen I was left feeling that the situation was in fact very salvageable .

Why didn’t Bernard just kill William in the tower? It seemed like Bernard went to the upper level of the tower for the sole purpose of leaving Hale the message and let William kill him. There was no fight in him. Could he have not ambushed William? Killing him could have solved a lot of problems with way less effort. Outside of William the only obstacle left was Hale and it seems like all it took was a conversation to curb her enthusiasm and get her to come over to your side to some degree. And if you couldn’t talk her down it would have seemed to be pretty easy to kill her as well. Neither of them were hard to get to. With Bernard’s omnipresence it would seem like an easy task to raid the tower and kill both if needed. Hell they accomplished half of that mission! Hale didn’t make a “terminator” class of host to guard the tower. She didn’t threaten to nuke cities if anyone tried to raid the tower. Nor did she hijack Bernard’s simulations in some clever way to overcome him or to make him do her bidding. There was no grand mechanism that should have stopped Bernard from coming out on top. Killing one or both of them (will or hale) would have left the tower open to dismantle and save humanity and you would think between Bernard, Maeve, and Dolores you could compromise with the remaining host on a path forward. No, for some reason all of the main characters had to die meaningless deaths. Why did that have to happen? In all actuality because Bernard let it happen. No one was moving with a Ford level of intellect or foresight that just could not be overcome. For the life of me I don’t get why that was the only outcome possible. Just feels likes inspired writing. What say you?

Some other things that I was mad they didn’t pay off if you have a chance to get to:

1.Why didn’t we visit other cities? I mean you tell us through exposition that all sentient life is dead, it would have been nice to get some kind of grasp of this. For that matter I feel like the whole human arm of this world is under developed. We should have spent some time with the resistance and really getting their ins and outs. Maybe have a host who defects to the resistance. Maybe a relationship between a host and human. Do something to put meat on the bone. So that way when you say thr world is ending we know who it is ending for exactly.

2.For all the exposition why didn’t they clearly stare what Christina was? I feel like there is really more to the explanation than what they gave but I may be overthinking/ missing something.

3.Clementine was the only star in the season finale but it only makes me wonder why she was so underutilized this season and really throughout the series.

5.Why did they have to kill MAEVE! For that matter how was she a weapon?

Yeah this season finale made me feel like I don’t care for a season 5. Sucks but que Sera, Sera! Glad I ran across your channel though! Don’t sugar coat your opinions for anyone Ash. If it sucks it sucks! Lol

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  1. Mike says:

    I share your disappointment. In fact, I just completed re-watching the first three seasons in order to better understand why the finale left me feeling like I did not understand the joke. Like you said. If it sucks, it sucks and it sucked.

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