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First off thank you guys and gall so much for all the hard work you put into this show and all other shat on podcast I love y’alls stuff. I am a first time writer (thank the virus) I got started with you guys with Watchmen and have been back logging all your movie pods. I was stoked to hear you guys cover this show and am excited to hear your theories. Ok lets get started…

Problems I am facing…help would be nice.

1. Why the creation of a new Charlotte body as Delores left in a Charlotte body? 2. How did she know the red coated ball was Bernard? They aren’t labeled… All 5 balls Dolores left with did not have a red coating thing. 3. Where is the other ball? Only 3 plus Bernard
4. How did Dolores know to have the Scottish doppelganger ready in episode 1?

My going theory is the Dolores put Bernard in a simulation to see how he would stop her. We are switching between the Bernard simulation and Dolores enacting her plan.

Ok my best idea:

Daddy Delos was stable for 35 days and “his mind rejected reality” (episode Sn2 eps 4 riddle of the sphinx) something similar seems to be happening to Charlotte. The underplayed idea is that this is an unwoke host with a “minor role” now playing a major role as a human, being a CEO, mother and failed wife it would seem. Shes losing it. And I think its Armistice. This could be round 2 of Charlotte bodies as whomever was first blew there head off or something like that this would explain why one ball is missing and the possible need to create a new Charlotte body. I feel like it could be any host and her connection to them doesn’t really matter Dolores can just reprogram them to do what she needs. This maybe fits in with the mirror symbolism? Woke v Unwoke host. I think she extracts information from the Bernard simulation like how to operate, make and reprogram hosts and the prediction of certain events like the events of episode 1 knowing she was going to get taken and to have the doppelganger there? Dr. Strange like?

My other idea explains the red coating thing on the balls and that is that the balls are just blank until the data is uploaded and that would explain why Charlotte said you brought 3 of us and him. The other 3 were potentially anyone and the data forms a pattern that they can read, meaning she knew it was Bernard. That also means the other 3 can still be anyone in the forge?

Any thoughts or answers would be awesome!

Thanks a bunch!

Maxy T

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  1. Ashley Schlafly says:

    Now that is an interesting theory, the idea that we are seeing the Bernard simulation. What better way to learn what your enemy will do than to run a simulation to see just that. I love this idea.

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