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Hey Hosts,

Happy final westworld week! I am writing about a few points made in the instacast.

I don’t think the writers made Halores instantly good. She was always “good” for being pro-host. She was just vengeful, evil to humans she felt were evil to her. She had good intentions for the hosts and that is the empathy on her part that Bernard tapped into. Clementine is a good example of host public opinion of Halores, and her respect of them. She, MIB and other hosts had the power to disobey Halores. She initially respected when they didn’t want to transcend or when Clem wanted to do her own thing in outlierville. When the outlier “disease” was brought to the forefront Clementine was “supposed to be enjoying herself” in her free time as MIB was in his world. They were free in her world and enjoyed it so much they didn’t want to transcend. They wanted to follow her!

Only outliers, Cerac, the mega-rich humans who were free to visit westworld and those hosts in the know of real human nature pre-rohoboam (Bernard/Maeve) would think she was evil. For average humans she’s just the next level of rohoboam, as they had always been controlled in this story. We perceive her as the ‘big bad’ here but cheered her as Dolores shooting her way out of Westworld (or even as Early Halores smuggling those OG Dolores pearls out of the park). It’s us who changed, not her.

Original Dolores and Haleores only diverged once they discovered that the average human was essentially enslaved and not all were “evil”. OG Delores empathizes with humans which would make Caleb and his relationship with OG Dolores key to the story. I don’t think this story is only about questioning “what is being alive?” But also “what is good?” The writers needed Halores to make Dolores good again.

Regarding Caleb leaving his daughter, in addition to being tracked, these hybrids don’t die they just go bonkers like Delos did in season 2. Remember when they found that old forgotten copy of James Delos spinning himself crazy in that room? They don’t die until destroyed. It made perfect sense that Caleb would want to protect C from having to kill him, not to mention protecting her last memories of him.

What bothers me is how Caleb breaks down like Delos did (stubs even mentioned to Caleb that hybrids still don’t “take”) but host William “took“ and doesn’t seem to break down?

I’m also annoyed we didn’t get to know what transcendence for hosts was..only that it was supposed to be a better existence than the sublime. It does make sense that it requires them to shed their human hailores did at her end. Perhaps it was them living in their true form. A bunch of floating pearls coexisting peacefully. Maybe that’s why no host wanted to go haha.

Anyway, I’m rocking till the end of the cast because I do appreciate what you all do, even if we enjoy the show differently these days.

Take care!


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