Westworld Season 2 Recap

Westworld Season 2 Recap
Westworld Season 2 Recap

Westworld Season 2 Recap

You asked for a Westworld Season 2 recap. Who are we to say no? Here’s where we finish lingering debates, answer questions still bugging fans, and begin showing signs of cognitive plateau.

You’ll hear the Season 2 shat score, the biggest swings in character development, why lower ratings are nothing to worry about, and Six Easy Steps to Improve Season 3.

Also, Roger finally introduces his Westworld-Bible link, and a full-blown theological slugfest erupts. And stick around past the closing music for our own Season 2 stinger.

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3 Responses

  1. tev says:

    That last bit….wow, wetting myself laughing!!!

  2. Alexander Matijow says:

    Rebus beach shooting wasn’t a continuity error. That was an example of Bernard’s de addresses memories he saw it happen again and distorted as he was watching – that’s the best way to explain it to fit the story

    • Gene Lyons says:

      But de-addressing a memory wouldn’t distort the memory. It would just make it impossible to find. A data address locates the data; it doesn’t manipulate the data. Although I suppose if Bernard had seen Rebus shot another time, then couldn’t place it in a timeline, his brain might try to reconcile the conflicting information and just come up with false narratives.

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