Westworld Episode 2 Theories: “Well Enough Alone”

Westworld Episode 2 Theories: “Well Enough Alone”

Flies, goo and Maeve’s power, too! This week’s listener voicemail and letters got weird on topics ranging from Christina’s life to Charlores’ master plan to the mystery behind the music.

Season 4, Episode 2 also had listeners questioning what’s left for the six remaining episodes and a for-sure Season 5. Plus, voicemails poured in about William’s golfing, the purpose of the new park and more.

Gene refuses to stop watching trailers (even though he rarely watches trailers), and Big D wonders if Clementine is working against her own will.

Listen to more great music from Simon: www.soundcloud.com/simonsteric

Westworld Episode 2 Summary:
The rogue copy of Dolores in Charlotte’s body is revealed to be replacing U.S. government officials with host copies, with the William host acting as her enforcer and continuing as CEO of Delos. She keeps the human William alive in cryogenic stasis. The Vice President of the United States visits William to warn him against opening a new Delos park on U.S. soil, but William attacks him and replaces him with a host. Maeve and Caleb encounter host copies of California Senator Ken Whitney and his wife Anastasia, and use the former’s memory logs to learn of Charlotte’s involvement. They find the real Anastasia in a horse farm behaving erratically, and Maeve is forced to kill her when she attacks them. Following cryptic directions Anastasia gave them before she died, Maeve and Caleb find themselves on a train headed into Delos’ new park, themed after the Roaring Twenties. Christina finds one of her old narrative files matching what happened to Peter. She visits a mental health hospital in New Jersey to which Peter donated, only to find it abandoned and riddled with drawings of a distinctive tower.

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