Ep7: Now THAT Is the James We Know and Love!

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I have accepted the fact that we will not get all of the answers in the final episode, so I was glad when I found this article about a confirmed season 2! Now, on to episode 7. James Delaney is back! This is the badass chess master we have grown to love!

1) Delaney Captured: James is back to thinking on his feet as he manipulates the chess board before his impending capture. He is very aware of what will happen with his co-conspirators and has planned accordingly. To see everyone burning documents and Goddard’s humorous escape let’s me know that he is back in control. His capture was simply the first domino.

2) James vs Chichester: James first meeting with the EIC is the best scene in the show (IMO). The conversation between James and Chichester is a close second. Chichester is unapologetically confident and to the point. James uses his “conversation kung-fu” to take Chichester’s momentum and use it to his advantage.

3) James vs Zilpha: Didn’t see this one coming at all. James says “I used to think we were the same person.” James’ visions (during their sex scene last episode) clearly has changed his outlook of Zilpha. Did he just create his adversary for season 2? You know what they say about a woman scorned.

4) James vs. Coop: The torture scene started out tense and ended up funny. Again, you see how dark coop can get but the minute he introduced to water as a torture device I knew the momentum had swung in James’ favor. The Price Regent shows again he’s not as dumb as he looks and he knows James won’t break. He realizes before Coop that James just gave everyone a 12hr head start.

I hope you guys are planning for an extra long season end podcast because there is a lot of material to go over. Can’t wait till episode 8! Check out the great articles about Taboo below.

I have a use for you.
-Coach Markus

Episode 7 Review: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/tv/0/taboo-episode-7-review-finally-lives-potential/

Season 2 Confirmed!: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/tv/2017/01/13/tom-hardys-taboo-will-get-series-2-confirms-co-creator-steven/

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