Finger Prick of Doom

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Quick theory about the Halores “finger prick” she used on William in episode 4. The medical health goons had already subdued him and he was able to be taken away to the asylum, but if he is a host (or hybrid) the sedative they gave him wouldn’t work and if he is a host (which I assume he is) her plan would have been given away right there. That’s where her finger prick comes in: it is designed to subdue hosts, such as him, while giving the impression that it was the injection the goons have him that subdued him. It kind of shows that he is more than just human in that instance.

TLDR: Halores pricked him because he is a host and the sedatives the goons gave him won’t work unless he’s given a host-sedative

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  1. Ashley Schlafly says:

    I think we are now seeing that this was a tracker/virus. But this idea wold have been really great too!

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