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Hey guys,

If at the beginning ford says that his new narrative is Based on real life. and Wyatt is the new narrative, then we really have to question ALL of Teddy’s memories, because ford in the beginning sits him down and says, you want a better backstory? and then we hear Teddy repeating that.

Then throughout Teddys narrative we see it mirror Deloris and William (William enters on the train/ deloris’ can falls and rolls to his boot, like the man in black/ Good guy/ doesn’t sleep with prostitutes/ comes to deloris’ aid after Abernathy farm killing/ interaction with sweet water sherif/ William gets enticed to be a bounty hunter- teddy IS a bounty hunter/ etc.) Is teddy’s new narative actually based on William’s narrative?

also, I’m super foggy on the timeline..

Incident happens, Teddy and Deloris kill a bunch. Arnold dies. they burry the town

(very first scene of the series here? right after the incident, or is that AFTER her adventure with William?) She goes back in, with a new narrative? Because Pa Abernathy was once sherif as well as professor (have we seen a professor? other than a similarity to the only other cannibal boss that sizemore is making?)

William arrives and rescues deloris after she kills the milk man and has a breakdown William and deloris go out on their adventure and go back to the now buried city.

william goes crazy and leads bro in law Logan to the still buried city and SOMETHING HAPPENS (they mention that they haven’t had a major incident in 30 years, is this that incident?)

the man in black invests a bunch with bro in law”s company that he now has married into

30 years go by, the man in black returns and kills Maeve’s kid and sees the Maze (Do we know when Bernard got his current narrative? could Ford have adjusted Bernard’s memories moved by Maeve’s reaction, or was Bernard moved by Maeve adding It’s all I have left to his brain?) death of a child seams non coincidental.

he returns to abernathy farm, kills teddy episode 1, nice to be back takes deloris in the barn Let’s go back to the beginning.” Does he kill her and this is where he drops the picture that Pa Abernathy goes nuts with?

teddy goes back to reset and gets wrapped up with a guest, leading him to capture, as part of the new narrative. this has never happen before.

Lawrence leads man in black to teddy (just like Lawrence lead William and deloris to the valley from her illustration) teddy, who is at the place Ford met up with his robo family, (was he scouting a location?) Which would mean MIB was meant to find Teddy there on Ford’s narrative.

which leads them to Ford. who says something that makes Teddy fresh again.

they get jumped by Wyatt’s crew, they kill teddy because he’s Not ready/ (which would lead him to the facility with Maeve.)

MIB goes to the city not” under sand and finds deloris

which reminds me of what Ford told teddy when he was giving him a new narrative, that teddy was made to keep Deloris there in west world.

deloris is off doing crazy deloris twitching, out long enough for ford to rebuild facility and everything, the facility that the MIB has never seen, and in the past, William wanted to take take deloris out of west world.

Could William wanting to take Deloris out, and teddy’s narrative bent to keep her in, mean Teddy will have to fight MIB to keep Deloris in West world?

Does Deloris want to leave west world? MIB tells Lawerence What if I told you I was your salvation? does MIB think he can free them all?

If Maeve is part of Ford’s narrative, is Teddy part of her plan, or is this Maeve messing with the new narrative? Like was Teddy suppose to be there to fight them and Maeve and the Arnold bots are messing things?

any who,
I’m so confuse now that I don’t know whats going on time wise. there’s the pre open event that kills Arnold, the event with Deloris, William, and Logan, and whats happening now with MIB and Maeve. right?

TIN HAT theory

if Teddy’s new narrative is based on Williams narrative (because Ford would know everything about it because he would) then Teddy would be William would be Man in black!

I can’t see how Deloris is going on her crazy trek AND be organizing as Wyatt. I think it’s fair to say that Wyatt is Ford’s version of what Deloris has done but may not actually be her.( just as Teddy shares parts of William’s story). Also that would mean Wyatt’s followers are following her blindly.

so either Ford has a part in his narrative where a secret group stops MIB and Teddy, changes teddy’s memories, and kill him knowing that he will come back or
Ford has no idea about the secret group of Arnold bots, who could be lead by a disruptive Maeve. if so, then Maeve could be so disruptive that she takes over the park. She takes over the park and sees what’s outside and doesn’t like it, as Deloris agrees. now the hosts are led my a Madam, business minded provider of all manner of perverse adventure West world basically.

Anywho, love the podcast, sorry for the rambling and grammatical errors. I’m listening ep 26 as I’m writing and I’m high. Obviously. thank you for your time
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