Gaiman’s Chance to Redeem American Gods

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Hey Guys,

I don’t blame Ricky Whittle for his seemingly shallow showing of Shadow. He has nothing to work with if the portrayal of his character in the script is anything like it is in the novel.

Shadow is a character who like the story has enormous potential based upon a fantastic premise & an intriguing, mysterious backstory.

However so far in the TV show and throughout the entirety of the novel, Shadow has nothing of substance and has absolutely nothing to offer other than intrigue.

Not to give too much away from the novel, but let’s just say that the story has a great beginning, a meandering middle, and a lack luster conclusion.

I really really hope that Gaiman utilizes the TV show to tell a better, more satisfying story.

Otherwise, the book & the TV show will like my love life leave me with an enormous set of blue balls.

J from Indy

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