Game of Thrones Season 8 Preview


Game of Thrones Season 8 Preview

Game of Thrones’ final season is up on us, and HBO is pulling out all the stops for its six-episode finale. The battles will be bigger, the stakes will be higher, and each decision will be more critical.

As you prepare for a tearful farewell, the Shat Crew is gearing up for three episodes a week: The Instacast, The Deep Dive, and The Small Council fan emails.

But first, we’ll break down the official Season 8 trailer, which gives a lot more insights than you might expect. Gene think he knows which castle will fall first, and Big D predicts just how long it’ll take.

We’ll plunge headfirst into the promised Battle of Winterfell, with fun facts about the grueling 11-week shoot and the full hour of combat that will dominate an 82-minute mega-episode.

Find our more about the veteran directors and writers charged with bringing Game of Thrones to a close, and learn who we’d like to see on the Iron Throne.

Also on this Season 8 preview:

  • Will we see Podrick’s finest hour?
  • Or a Wight Hodor?
  • Was Robb Stark stupid or a stand-up guy?
  • Could Babysitter Mountain have saved the kingdom?
  • Will Cersei’s treachery doom mankind?
  • And Big D’s WWE presentation of CLEGANEBOWL

Have a listen and be sure to subscribe for the most thrilling two months of our Shat-tastic lives. WE FIGHT FOR THE LIVING!

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