Gene: You Gave the Best Foreshadowing Without Even Knowing It!

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Hey Guys,
In the last podcast 105 Gene started talking about MIB always having his neck and entire body covered all the time. This along with drawing left which could be because of an injury. Why would one not want to show their skin?
Possibly because of a burn victim? Drawing opposite because of injuries? Well William is currently riding in train cart full of unstable hydroglycerin! This leads me to believe that is the old timeline. The major event will happen where there is either an accident, or the host are revolting (possibly how Arnold dies, which cause the MIB to sustain major injuries, including burns.

As I side note I thought the story would actually be great if this was dual timelines. William is actually killed in the train explosion at HQ along with arnold. Logan then has a character turn, feeling guilty and responsible for Williams death. He then becomes the MIB. Having his family’s company go ahead with purchasing Westworld to save the park because if the park was closed he would never be able to find out the answers why the host turned killing William and Arnold.maybe feeling it was a human or Dr Ford who sabotaged the host and responsible. Keeping the park alive would be the only way to find out what human/humans/host caused Williams death. – Rob

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3 Responses

  1. Gene Lyons says:

    Dangit! The explosion confounded some Confederatos but didn’t burn William. Back to the drawing board for ol’ Gene.

  2. Terri says:

    This could be the detail that ties the rebellion to Dolores and William. Dolores was helping Arnold right? And the Man In Black stopped Arnold 30 years ago, right?

    How or why doesnt the Man in Black following the maze seem to know more about the original Arnold?

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