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Hi 🙂 love your pod casts!!! Just a couple of thoughts.

Logan tells William what happened but his take on it is WW was formed by two partners and before it opened one partner killed himself :Season 1 Episode 5 Contrapasso little after 07:29. If we assume the Arnold, Robert, Delores scene in the hotel is current with demoing for Logan it was only hosts and Robert/Arnold were not part of the demo. The “partner” killing himself implies Logan did not know/remember his name and did not know it was a massacre.

I don’t think Arnold was AI because every time they disagree Robert doesn’t try to pull the I created you line which given Roberts personality would seem a natural. Robert also appears to argue with Arnold but gives in at the end (Jr partner). In fact Robert appears jealous of Delores and her relationship to Arnold. When Arnold says Delores is not ready in the hotel Robert says Arnold is playing favorites and has to let go at some point. If this corresponds to the Logan demo then Arnold is protecting her from have to potentially perform sexually in an orgy (as he can assume given Logan what kind of proof he will want). Then later we see Angela post orgy getting dressed when Delores see the aftermath and the look on Angelas face it is not blank or happy but like someone who had to do something distasteful. Robert post Arnolds death making Delores the subject of continual rape was both petty and revenge (since Robert does not respect the hosts why would he take revenge for AI (if Arnold was AI) that was thwarting him).

Also in regards to no one recognizing Arnold/Bernard. In the beginning Robert looks mid to late 30s where as a year or so later William looks late 20s early 30s. Current day old William and Robert look 35 years old (30-40 years) assuming mankind has not pushed age limits/aging with tech which could make it longer. I read (loose evidence) that Bernard has been with WW at least 10 years based on Roberts conversations. So if it was ~ 35 years from start to present then Bernard would be 20 to 25 years post Arnold. It looked like Robert was doing the work in private lab so original employees who knew Arnold and survived attack could be retired by the time Bernard shows up. Even if they came back to visit and were allowed back stage Robert would know and for the brief time could send Bernard to different area. Plus in Bernards wake up scene

Robert looks much older easily 20 to 25 years older.

Thanks for the fantastic pod casts!


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