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Hi folks —

I hope I’m not exhausting my welcome, and I hope someone else has already proposed this, but I’m thinking that Caleb’s ability to resist Hale’s programming, at least at first, is because Maeve transmitted something to him when he was wounded at the lighthouse.

There had been some discussion that Caleb referenced something happening at the lighthouse *after* Maeve saved his life, implying they had fornicated. But in that extreme moment, when it seemed Caleb was dying, Maeve used his limbic implants to psychically transmit the sense of “freedom” to Caleb, or at least her vision of that feeling (her idyllic memories of her daughter).

However, to say that this vision/sensibility, or the fact that Caleb had a daughter (and thus someone/something to fight for), was the key to Caleb’s resistance seems a little simplistic and frankly sentimental. I think that Maeve also transmitted something technical that allowed Caleb to retain aspects of his “outlier” status and identity. After all, consider that despite the flies and the advanced tech, it’s taken 237 (or so) iterations of Caleb to get it (apparently) right. Or, have they just broken/worn out 236 previous Caleb-bots over the intervening decades?

I’m looking forward to the “lost episode” that’s just an hour of Aaron Paul listening to Roxy Music and riding a stationary bike, and being “recycled” after breaking down over & over & over again.

Again, thanks for everything you guys are doing — it’s a very enjoyable group mind project.


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