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Hey Guys,

This part I am least sure of. But, I still vehemently contend that everything, Ford programmed Young Robert to tell William, was very literal. By that rationale, the door must be where “William ends and begins, and ends where William began, while also being where the game ends and begins.” The only way, I feel this could all be true, is if the door has been moved. As far as we know, the door is in an unused area of the park, near cold storage. Westworld is super important to William. As is his new project/lab. Maybe he took the door (that he walked through, that led him to man he is today) and placed it, as a final touch, on his new masterpiece, the future of Delos, where they would sell humanity immortality.

-Wes D.
Richmond, VA

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  1. Gene Lyons says:

    Any guesses as to where, specifically, the door could be?

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