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I absolutely loved this episode! Loved this version of Laurie. This felt like the show hitting its stride… and felt very Watchmen-like while still telling its own story. Liked that we got to find out what happened with some of the Watchmen from the comics. Glad they waited a few eps in so we got to spend time with the new characters first. The framing of Laurie’s joke is fantastic. She has clearly become like her father in a lot of ways… down to taking his last name. I really like Petey. As for the attack at the memorial… I don’t think Laurie’s involved but I do think it was a set up by Keane to further his agenda and political career. Make him look like a hero, increase people’s perception of how dangerous things are. I don’t think Laurie’s shooting the terrorist was part of the plan, though.

As far as Ozymandias, I tend to think he’s on Mars with Doctor Manhattan. I find it interesting the letter from the Game Warden talks about the terms of their agreement/arrangement. But I also get the sense he’s trying to escape (the space suit he seems to be building) It’ll be fascinating to see where this is going.

Thanks for all you guys do, and so glad you’re doing the Watchmen podcast. Have followed you through Westworld, Taboo, American Gods, GoT. Love your tv podcasts as well as the movies.

Tracy in California

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