I Don’t Need Your Help, Wait I Need Guidance

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Hey Guys,

When I stared watching West World I was lost in the Romance of of the actual world, the scenery, the guns, the old boos bottles, the charlatanes etc. I stumbled upon your podcast early and didn’t really like that diving into possible theories were spoiling what would be up coming surprises. Then I found that when not listening to the podcast I felt like I wasn’t getting the full experience. Now I feel like I need the podcast for guidance to not get lost. Maybe this is why views are dropping off. With out you guys I might be lost.

Thanks keep it up

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2 Responses

  1. Bill Sweeney says:

    Hearing this email on the Telegraph, plus other things said on the podcast about ratings lead me to a thought. The idea was mentioned that perhaps ratings of WW are dipping because of the convoluted nature of the storytelling, and I think is directly shown to be true because YOUR ratings (Shat ww pods) are on a steady rise. People who are sticking with the series are searching for clarity, while others are just giving up. Which seems somewhat understandable because of the highly non-linear, “Who/What/Where/When Is This?” mystery format. All the better for you guys.

    • Gene Lyons says:

      We’re glad you find the podcast useful despite Rog’s rants, Gene’s condescension, Big D’s Buhnarding, and Kerri’s crash course on Season 1.

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