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Hello team,

As usual, great job on the podcast. Trust me, your hard work on your podcasts for Watchmen and Leftovers were appreciated by some of us.

My theory is Dr. Manhattan only gave Angela some of his powers. Here are some clues

-If Dr. Manhattan gave Angela ALL of his abilities then how could he exist after he created that special egg?

-Could the gifting of some of his abilities to Angela weaken Manhattan allowing the 7th Kavalry to capture him.

-Another plausible theory is Manhattan allowed himself to be killed to “Save the World” and save his family. The show went through great pains to tell us Manhattan gave off a unique energy signature which could be tracked anywhere in our solar system. This meant even posing as a human he could no longer hide anywhere on earth. That means he would forever be hunted or Angela and his adopted children would be threatened as a way to get to him. The show told us that not only can Dr. Manhattan be killed, but now we know his power could be stolen which could threaten the world.

-So it makes sense that Dr. Manhattan would give Angela the choice to accept only SOME of his power. Powerful, but not omnipotent . Power where Angela could only experience the present, because as we know Angela would not want a life without risk. Power to possibly do “more” than Manhattan did as Will Reeves suggested. And only enough power that it could not threaten the world.

As a black man myself, a superpowered black female Angela walking around with no mask in a world with white supremacists opens up fascinating potential storylines. Can you imagine the worldwide white anxiety if the most powerful being on the planet was Sister Knight…lmao. Given our nation’s history (including Tulsa), that simultaneously makes Angela the most dangerous and vulnerable person on the planet . Like Dr. King, they would try to assassinate her.

Watching Angela live as a hero to many but with that constant danger while raising her kids is fascinating and would be an incredible watch. Even more satisfying when we all know she made the choice for the power. Jon told her he would not pass along his power without someone consenting first and for good reason as it is an incredible burden.

Lastly, Angela would need help or a team. Did any of you catch that bonding moment between Angela and Bian when the squid fell? Please HBO, while we still have these incredible actors do small time jump for season 2 because we want more Watchmen.


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