Jeff and the W. Axel Foley Mixup

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Hey Guys,

So I think a funny mix up occurred. You read my “two part” email on your last confessional. I was psyched to hear my name on the air again, but then got confused when you read my part two, as I had no memory of writing it. My first concern was that I blacked out and started drunk emailing all my favorite podcasts.

Things got even weirder when I found myself agreeing with the content of the part two. I immediately rushed to my “sent mail” folder to find out how many other emails I had sent late at night. Fortunately there was nothing there and no record that I ever sent the part two.

Here is what I think happened. I think the part two you attached to me was actually from W Axel Foley. His first email was pretty negative and the part two fits with what he said.

I’m pretty sure that’s what happened so if you can confirm or deny that would be great. I am super curious. If I did in fact write the email please reply to it, cause it might be time for some serious self reflection.

Lastly, I appreciated the feedback you gave on my part one and I think the mix up made for good radio.

Looking forward to your next episode.

Jeff H

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