Who Killed Winter in Taboo Episode 6

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Greetings Fellas!

So Delaney isn’t in control of his world like he thought. With 2 episodes left, I have more questions than answers.

Who or what told Zelpha to kill Thorne? It wasn’t James. Hence, when he started to ask her, “When did I tell you to…”

Spirit of Mommy Dearest doesn’t seem so benevolent anymore. Why? When she took a baby James to the river was that a ritual that Europeans misunderstood? Now it is incomplete? Or was it the attempted murder Brace described?

Poor Winter! Did she get in the middle of a James and Mommy spiritual cage match? Or in a drunken, water infused magic moment, did James use her guts to auger some answers?

Earth: The properties of magic in this show has been heavy with spirit, water, and fire. We see wind when James uses the dust. Blood as the element that binds, connects, and possibly reveals true nature. (That is my own personal theory.) I’ve noticed the lack of physical Earth. Finally we see James literally get down and dirty digging Thorne’s grave and right after is the physical ummm, “encounter” with Zelpha. There you have it.

2 episodes to go…


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