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Hey there fellas (and Keri if she’s reading),

After listening to the E1/E2 episode and applying my own takeaways, I thought I’d share how spot on some of your thoughts were with my own takeaways, especially the nods to specifically the satanic panic and West Memphis 3.

And I agree more and more with King Bee’s prediction for the season regarding the captor’s note and 90’s status of the sister.

Being that it is an anthology, the show needs to maintain a thread of mystery, which I think will end up being some sort of Mandy situation. A deep-rooted backwoods cult lines up nicely based on the vibe I’m getting from the show to-date.

I’m gonna go out on a limb and predict that a higher influence had driven the sister to leave the home by choice and subsequently into captivity to serve a larger purpose.

I also agree that the note was done by a youth under the same captive influence. And I believe the Volkswagen kids are a part of that. Maybe some Stockholm syndrome or really great child racketeering is at play, who knows.

Having said this, I want to know if King Bee could be on board with such a lofty prediction or if he’s got an avenue I haven’t seen.

Thanks again guys, loving the show.


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