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Hello my lovelies, it’s nice to be back. I’ll remember to write you after episode 2, but a couple quick things (so you know someone’s listening).

I rewatched Season 1, and I think binging instead of weekly helped address some of the issues we had previously. Some of the “what are we doing here” felt more navigable when thinking of one long chapter instead of the smaller episodes.

So…when ready for Sunday’s episode, I was excited! I was coming off a Captain Marvel high and ready to be entertained. And I was! Sure, some things are clunky because we know they’re going to be clunky – it’s like we’re waiting to catch them. If I ignore the obvious or weird moments, these things struck me:

* Czernobog is getting younger. If all it takes is a little belief, then Shadow Moon is the battery. The result of the checkers wasn’t only that it got Czernobog to show up to the gathering, it’s starting reinvigorate him. I think we’re going to see more of this. * If Shadow is a battery, would it be surprising if the gods start to drain him? It could be an interesting twist if he starts to exhibit the blind follower (he kind of is) and we see Dead Wife become the voice of reason. * Fellowship will not only help bring characters together, but it’s an important part of religion. Regardless of faith, there’s a communal aspect. I think we’ll start to see how that plays into the hands of the old gods, versus the individuality and isolation of how people “worship” the new gods.

That’s it for the moment, talk to you next week!

— Emily Jasper
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