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Lovecraft Country

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Hey crew,

So nice to have you all back!

I can’t believe I would be in this position, but I agree with King Bee after the InstaCast. I want this show to be phenomenal, but I don’t know if it’s going to satisfy that desire. I absolutely loved the Watchmen and champion any show that has the courage to address racial issues (or any other issue), both past and present, in intriguing and character-driven ways.

This show, at least after the first episode, has traded character depth for plot driven repetition of white people terrorizing our protagonists. Any attempt to look for symbolism yields the most heavy-handed, even more racist results. I haven’t read the book, so feel free to not read this if it’s somehow accurate (I hope it isn’t.) Take for instance the monsters. They seem to be ultra-violent racists, lurking in the dark. If “normal” white racists are bitten, they will turn into these monsters. However, the tool that will ward off these murder-starved creatures is light. As in, shine a light on these racists and they will retreat because they are cowards who publicly deny their hate, but will privately let it consume them. Especially at night. Especially when surrounded by their own kind. It was pretty obvious the monsters on the map indicate where the most violent racists are, and therefore where to avoid. It seems as if this show wants to win the award for the “Most White Guilt Induced”.

Again, I hope the series will delve deeper into its characters, far beyond the surface level introductions we have received. The “on this season” promo at the end was very enticing, and Michael K Williams is one of my favorite actors. And of course the Shat crew is covering it!

All the best,

Ryan from Dallas

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