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Lovecraft Country

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I made a conscious decision to not watch the show in real time – I HATE having to wait to find out what happens. I duck and dodge on social media in the meantime but it’s all for the best.

Love your podcast and I subscribed because during your first show, and on many subsequent episodes you acknowledged that 1) the show might not be for you and 2) that you don’t share the Black experience. I really like your takes and that you don’t shy away from the racial aspects. Thank you. I’m writing today because I just listened your deep dive into episode 107 – I Am.

I am a Black woman in my 30’s. I was raised in PA in a firmly middle class neighborhood and steeped in Black culture from the door. I traveled the world in the Air Force but never experienced racism until I got back to the states and it has only gotten worse since then. The only way I can describe this show is cathartic. Aside from visiting the Smithsonian National Museum of African American History and Culture (in DC), this is truly one of the only times I’ve felt validated. Like Black people are not crazy. That we’re not overly sensitive. That white supremacy is real and that people are fucking with us.

I was hesitant listening at first because I was concerned about your viewership under the white gaze but you actually do a really good job. Not trying to be Mammy and rub salve on your wounds but it sounds like you two got beat up a lot about reviewing this episode. Just wanted you to know I appreciate your views. You were able to put your finger on something that I wasn’t able to articulate about a relationship I was in. I heard Hippolyta say it but you brought it home – I was shrinking myself for a man. If this was therapy it would be a breakthrough. Thanks again and I’ll be listening for more!


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