Lovecraft County Ep 7 ‘I Am’

Lovecraft Country

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Hi Shat hosts,This maybe the first time I am writing in. I enjoy your podcasts, they have kept me sane through this pandemic. I thought this episode of Lovecraft County entitled “I am” ended too soon. I felt myself getting carried away along with Hippolyta’s journey of herself. She tastes freedom, trains to be a kick ass warrior and finally identifies herself as George’s wife…wow. After talking with George, Hippolyta realizes she has been living a small life (being a wife) and wants more. She tells George who she really is, a Discoverer. Hippolyta enjoys the explorer’s life for a while until she realizes she is a mother. She seemly will come back to Dee. The question of ‘who am I’ hits Montrose with a dose of reality when Tic realizes the truth about him. In the1950’s, you did not want the labeled a faggot. And Montrose gets angry because he is worried about losing respect of his son and how people think of him. I believe the roles you play in life define you and you are the one to label yourself. I can say; I am a woman, I am an artist, I am a thespian, I am a wife, I am a mother… And in closing I want to say, I am a Shat-on-TV fan.Keep up the good work.Nancy from California

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