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Hi all,

So I like the ‘start with the beauty’ thing you all are doing so I’ll start the email with that. Aaron Paul this episode for me was fantastic. You lot pointed out that Caleb was the only real emotional part of the episode and I agree. A major reason for that imo was his acting. From the emotion you see in his eyes, to the subtle twitch things he did with face/neck throughout the episode. I was never really invested in Caleb’s character but this episode he sold it.

Ok now onto the real thing. What on god’s green/simulated earth is the point of Delores’s final test? Humans are extinct. So who is she testing? The new species that are the human host hybrid? And what would be the point of fidelity testing in the new world? Why base them on anything human at all when she ‘recreates’ them in the sublime. You guys had a great discussion about the differences between Caleb and HiB, where one knows he isn’t the real thing and the other starts to believe that he is. But that only works in the real world. It doesn’t work in simulation where they can literally do anything they want without consequence. But I guess the question arises, will they know it’s not the real world and will knowing that information be the center of the new maze.

I also feel like they took the ‘you live as long as the last person that remembers you’ too far. First off is all the park data on the same servers as the sublime is? Secondly I call bs on the Delores can recreate someone from memory. If she’s recreating humans from her memories, she’s making mostly people that go to the park (and the odd Caleb) so basically sim-humans (robo-humans? ro-mans?) are doomed to repeat the past.

Also am I the only one thinking they were setting up for a lower budget season 5 to get the chance of maybe making one? Killed off Thandie Newton, Ed Harris, Tessa Thomson, Jeffrey Wright, Aaron Paul. All pretty huge names with probably some pretty big paychecks they may not need to pay if season 5 comes. Plus a set that’s already made/designed from season 1. Hell if it means we get another season and more shatontv westworld I am all in.

I’m sorry for my ramblings. I still believe westworld is top tier tv but sometimes its just annoying.

Thank you all for a wonderful podcast.
Ch4 AKA Chapter 4, Channel 4, Methane from the UK (Thanks Ash)

P.S. For the longest time I thought your email ‘hosts’ was a reference to westworld hosts, but me the dumbass forgot there’s another meaning to the word ‘hosts’.

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  1. Dick Ebert says:

    I agree, the “you live as long as the last person that remembers you” is a cop-out. The first three seasons involved detailed data and fidelity testing to create accurate copies, and season 5 reduced the process to making a cassette mix-tape.

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