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Good afternoon/early evening –

Questions, Comments, Concerns;

– Big D’s timeline/Ashley’s point: Caleb did not re-up with the army. He was out of the army when Francis dies. Caleb’s memories cut between them being in uniform and out. When Francis dies, they are out of uniform but with assault rifles Maybe they joined the CIA after their enlistments. Or maybe they became the army’s versions of lance criminals and died during a job. Maybe rahobo is right: caleb shouldn’t get a job or reproduce because he’s a fucking ex-service gangster who dooms mankind through his betrayal.

– The Water Above – this has been a recurring motif since last season with theflood. This season we see it in the credits sequences with the reflections, in Caleb’s commute, in Caeb’s hospital scenes with his mother, and now with William as a callback to his wife’s suicide. Maybe they’re foreshadowing the ultimate fate of humanity in this universe and basically everybody dies in a roboflood?

– How does Dolores know martial arts now? For Maeve, it makes sense that with her bulk apperception maxed out. She would be able to intuit the moves. Dolores never reprogrammed herself, though. (As Dolor-Musashi it makes sense, Musashi being the katana demigod in Japanese lore. Not so much as the painting rancher daughter). And what are the mechanics of host injury/mortality outside the park? Dolores seems to reboot 5 minutes after she’s been shot. Maeve has been killed more times than Kenny (bastards) and Musashi seems like he’s about to cleave Maeve’s melon – versus decapitating or otherwise finishing her off – before interrupted by Serac’s guards. Point being that it seems improbable that either Maeve or Stubbs is dead forreals.

– Caseless cartridges – I don’t recall the future p90s or other weapons dropping brass in the show. Ever. I kinda miss it

– guy eating spaghetti in the morgue as the mortician (rip) pulls a spool of wire out of a stiff = classic

– Liam’s Genre buddy is Sizemore non-prime

– I hit pause and my tv told me that Maeve’s last name is Millay. Maeve Millay sounds beatiful

– bill’s glove is like Empire strikes back

– The park hosts – they’ve gotta be part human: a pure AI wouldn’t care about revenge. But it does beg the question and your podcast about Terminator made me think of it: what do the robots/hunter killers/skynet/rahobo do with the rest of their time when they’re not exterminating mankind? Calculate pi?

Keep up the great work

Don Sauce

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  1. Ashley Schlafly says:

    Such great nuggets you’ve picked up here! Thanks for writing in 🙂

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