Lube Man In Season 2


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Hey guys,

This is Chris Minnesota long time listener. X collar and periodic donator to shed. I just want to say really enjoy your coverage on Washington did a fantastic job as you’ve done within the grounds less world and shed on movies. I think there’s American Gods and stab yourself, but I wouldn’t know. I haven’t seen them. They always have really enjoyed talking to you all and I just want to make predictions for season 2 from pretty confident any to will be coming around the end and it specifically what failed PT haven’t heard this mentioned on-off button. The last couple of PDP has been given some clues that he is in the in the first is in an article that he wrote when he was in college. We may refer to a man wearing a gas mask and the same type overseas shimmering with SPF 666. We’re looking slick and doing it must be done in secret to keep you off. And all this free and the follow-up for the last episode 9 certainly reference that nowadays. He fired said he’s missing and that while cleaning out his office. They found basically a gallon of Crisco oil. So if they believed to be sure to it, so my prediction is refusing to is that will see TV down in the filter again, and basically uncovering some new extreme hot and he’ll have to bring in the in July a bar and well as agent Blake and off our favorite pound Looking Glass covering the next big catastrophe Britney, so now we’ll see maybe another two years, but keep doing what you’re doing. I love to hear you guys in the podcast and take care.

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