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Hey guys,

Fan of the show. Love your stuff. This was a tough episode to watch, mostly cause you had a man (Will) who had so much trauma and anger in his life, try his best to do the right thing and then always have it turn out badly. The scenes with Metropolis especially hit hard. Within the gay community it’s not uncommon to see slight overtones of racism here and there. Men sometimes put preferences on dating sites where they list the type of men (racially)they aren’t into and sometimes men get fetishized for their race too. Obviously, the show didn’t get too deep into the racism that goes on within the queer community but I’m glad they touched on it…Will thought he met a person who identifies with him in more ways then one, but when it came down to it, that partnership was shallow. Even today, you have black trans women being murdered at an alarming rate and many gay men don’t really care or show minimal support. Just saying, I’m glad that they showed that even within marginalized communities there’s still tons of work to be done.
Love the pod.

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