The Tomato And The Egg


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Long time listener from Melbourne, Australia.

I loved the series and enjoyed the perspective you all gave on your pod as I am a newbie to the Watchmen world.

I have some thoughts around Angela and swallowing the egg.

For me, watching Watchmen explores the nature of humanity and what does it mean to be human? Through legacy, through masks, through trauma, through race etc. When Humanity is left to there own thoughts and devices are they strong enough to resist the pitfalls or do they chase the golden egg?

I believe Lindeloff and his team made the connection and continued to highlight the fallibility of humanity and succumbing to temptation. Just like the allegory explored in Ozymandias arc the Garden of Eden that is Europa was ultimately corrupted by humanities (Ozymandias’) existence.

Angela, whilst being in the presence of a God and knowing what trials and tribulations confront her by consuming the egg show the viewer that humanity, when given the option, will succumb to temptation.

Keep up the good work I’m now going to checkout leftover ands and Westworld based on your discussions.


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