Monsters Turning On Their Creators

Lovecraft Country

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Something I noticed early on, and I imagine you did as well, I just haven’t heard it mentioned, is that the monsters and magic created by our racist characters seemed more likely to kill the creator than the intended target.

In the first episodes, we learned the shoggoths were basically guard dogs. They killed the racist officers and our heroes escaped. Later we see the ghosts in Leti’s home destroy the ghost of their creator.

While not in every episode, in most this is the case. Even in the end, Christina is destroyed by the magic she desired and Diana’s robotic arm, which she wouldn’t have had if Christina had chosen to reverse her curse.

I think this is an example of how, while we may believe our hate is a weapon against others, more often than not we are the ones injured by it. Even now in our country, we have white supremacists who believe they are at war with people who they see as taking their country from them. The actions of this group have lit a fire that if not squelched by the rest of us could easily bring down the very country they feel they are defending.

I think this is one of the big lessons of Lovecraft. I may be wrong because I am usually a distracted viewer and maybe I missed something. So please set me straight if that’s the case. Thanks so much for this podcast. I look forward to hearing from you guys every week.

Oh, one more thing, I just saw a Netflix preview for a movie with Wunmi Mosaku, just in time for Halloween, maybe you could cover that as well.

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