Night King’s Dragon Trap

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Hello my name is Chris from Tampa, FL.

The Night King is not a mindless idiot and this episodes shows it, consider these points of view. When know the NK is a super strong green-seer/three-eye raven nemesis and can see like bran but actually knows how to use his power. I also believe that the NK controls his army like Bran controlled those ravens and that they communicate through the same fashion.

Jon killing the wight walker and all but one wight dying:
Makes perfect sense if you can imagine that the NK knows his armies weakness and planned accordingly. When he sends scouting parties out he has one wight that won’t crumble if the wight walker dies so the remaining wight can signal back to the rest of the army possibly directly to the NK. If the NK does control his army through some web like warging this would be very useful.

The wights collapsing the ice and waiting:
To catch a dragon you need to set a trap and use live bait, and you need the bait to stay in one place. This location seems perfect for this. You can even see in the show that the wights start to surround the crew almost instantly once they start crossing the ice, like they knew the plan was to trap them there in the middle.

The wights crossing the water one at a time and Sandor kicking the captured wight: Sandor kicking the captured wight caused a reaction from the rest of the surrounding army, perhaps this ties into them all being connected. It also show that they have emotion. The fact that they sent the wights back across the ice in succession opposed to all at once again shows they have some smarts.

The NK not using the javelin on Jon Snow while he had the free chance too: The NK has brans power so we can assume that he knows who Jon really is and that Jon has dragon blood running thru him and that dragons have a spidey-sense for that type of thing. Drogon confirmed that for us last episode with Jon. If the dragons cant sense Jon Snow because he is dead from a frozen javelin, they’d have no idea where to go and wouldn’t show up. No live bait” No dragon

The Location itself was shown in a vision last episode where Bran is warging the flock of crows, we see the NK on the same rock that our heroes get stranded on, maybe this shows that the NK has been planning on this for a while. The location itself is key for setting a trap and catching a dragon, it keeps Jon in one place so the dragons can sense him and the water is a great way to INSURE you finish off a dragon by drowning if it does get hit by the javelin. Also forces Dany to leave because it confirms the dragons death once it sinks opposed to her not wanting to leave her potentially wounded dragon.

If what we see in the show is not just bad story and is happening for a reason, possibly all part of the NK’s plan to catch a dragon, this means the NK is super scary ill. This is the most we have learned by far about the Others thus far in the show.

Caveat.could this also tie into why that wight walker passed on Sam? Intelligence might mean possibility for motive – Christopher N

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