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Also: Ford is drinking with “Old Bill” in the storage locker and mentions that he was the second host built. If Dolores was the first and “BILL” ahem WILLIAM was the second – then they were the first pair. A la Adam and Eve, maybe? If you watch S1 credits the hosts having sex look like Man in Black and Dolores. And, Old Bill SOUNDS like Ed Harris… This can’t be a coincidence…

I think Teddy and William/MIB were set up as opponents as Dolores suitors… I can’t take it… I need to know!

One more thing – Do The Strand (music Jim Delos dances to in visit 2) and Karl STRAND… I cannot imagine that these are coincidences.

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  1. Gene Lyons says:

    So do you think Teddy was a real person we haven’t seen yet, or is he a different name for someone we have seen?

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