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Hi Guys

Listening to the finale deep dive and the discussion of why Angela ate the egg. People seem to be focusing on the “Superman” powers of Doc M, and why Angela might want these, but the focus in the show has been on the simultaneous time perception. The ONLY happiness Angela has known in her life, has been her time with Cal/Jon. Jons final words to Angela are about being in every moment they were together, all at once! Can people not appreciate the draw of being able to relive all those precious moments? That’s why I believe she swallowed the egg.

Looking forward to the next couple of newsstand podcasts for the final debrief.

Andy Marriott
West Bromwich, UK

PS: I get why they ended in that ambiguous way, but I would have loved a post credit mini-scene of either Angela splashing around coughing in the pool, or slowly walking back to the fridge dripping water from head to toe.

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