Prediction and Process

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Prediction: James Delaney will be alive at the end of episode 8.

End game: Violence, destruction, and life-shattering vengeance for all the people responsible for the derailing of James’ life in 1800 which led to him going to Africa in 1802. If he “wins” this, we will see him, Zelpha, and a few other’s escape London. Why do I think this? Because of the Sankofa on his back. The brand symbolizes consideration of the past to build a successful future.

Process: It has been a game of moves and countermoves. To win a game you have to concentrate and focus on the process. Dedication to the mechanics of the game and the process of the game creates the desired outcome. Much like the process of making the gunpowder. Do it right, a little luck, and you win. Strange himself has called all the intrigue activity a game of chess. In chess, you sacrifice pieces (some of them even painfully so) in order to win the game. In poker, you throw in cards to build a better hand.

In Taboo, people are the chess pieces or cards as a part of the process to win the game. James has surrounded himself with people he is willing to sacrifice and tried to push away those he views as innocent. The loss of Winter created the need to be harsh with Zelpha (although I suspect it didn’t work), he’s repeatedly tried to push Lorna away. After briefly using young Robert he has him sent to the house and away from the rest of his league of the damned. We WILL lose more characters we enjoy, but so be it!


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