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Ash, Gene, and Big D,

I seek help.

It was established that Christina was living not in the real New York, but in a simulation. This raises questions to which I have no answers.

* How did Christina see host-Caleb in the fidelity testing room? Why would Hale make that a part of the simulation?

* How did Christina witness the humans going wild when William sent that command to them? William did that in the real world. The explanation in the moment was that Christina was being projected into the real world. This explained why the humans couldn’t see her even though she could see them; it also explained why, in an earlier episode, the outlier who was raving about the tower could not see Christina. But Christina was not in the real world at all; everything and everyone she was seeing was a simulation.

* If Christina had created the other characters with whom she interacted within the simulation, then how can those individuals possess information that Christina herself does not have? For example, Christina’s boss Emmett surprised her by contacting her when she went to visit the mental hospital in New Jersey; Emmett later warned her about going off her regular pattern.

* Why did Hale care about whom Christina was seeing, when she interrogated Christina at the cafe? Furthermore, if Hale really wanted to know the answer to this, she could have found out just by looking at the simulation herself.

* How was Christina found by and confronted by Peter Myers, the human who realised that his story was being written by Christina, and who then killed himself in front of her?

All of these things make sense only if Christina is a digital projection walking around the real world. But, given that Christina was ultimately shown to be in a simulation, I don’t get how any of those aforementioned things could have happened.


Ferdinand Cesarano
New York

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