Does Qyburn Control the Mountain?

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so i’m not a game of thrones geek but i do love it! i’ve never read the books etc. but after this season finished i was left feeling like i needed more! thankfully i found your podcast and have listened to all of the episodes you’ve released for season 7, i just have a small theory and maybe i’m well off, but i’ve heard you saying that we all thought that the mountain was controlled by Cersei, and now we see he might still think for himself slightly, but i think that he’s being controlled by Qyburn, maybe he’s told the mountain to never hurt a lannister and that’s why he didn’t kill Jaime when given the nod, and i think that Qyburn has got a much bigger role to play in season 8, anyway you’ll probably have a quick answer to this that’ll shut me up but i thought i’d email anyway!

keep up the good work,

Lewis from England.

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