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Hey guys. First of all thank you for being great as always and helping us get through this doomed season.

While watching it, especially towards the end, it started to feel more and more like a metaphor for the show’s downfall. “This world that we built” (in season 3) is doomed, we f’ed up, so let’s kill everyone, reset the whole thing and go back to the Westworld of season 1 that we all know and love. I mean, isn’t that exactly what we got in the end? At the end of Season 4, whatever happened in Season 3 and even Season 4 itself is basically all gone?

I guess the only thing we’re left with is that even if there is a robot uprising and they create their own world, it won’t be much different than our own, because it’s us who created them and therefore they share the same flaws that we do. Okay, not a bad message, but wasting 2 seasons for this, only to go back inside the park is just very underwhelming.

Also, I don’t think a season 5 is likely. The ending did feel like an overall series finale to me rather than just a season finale. We see Dolores in her dress, waiting for newcomers in Sweetwater, reminding us of season 1, because that’s how we are supposed to remember the show. What are we even going to watch for 8 more episodes anyways? Humans and hosts going back to the park and this time both doing whatever they want, completely with their own free will, and Dolores will judge who is worthy of surviving? Is it enough material for a whole season? I don’t think so.

This is pure speculation but I guess the creators just stopped believing in the show, due to budgeting cuts and pressure from HBO or whatever, and in the end we got this super rushed ending that didn’t answer most of the questions and didn’t even make sense a lot of the time.

I remember when Westworld started, it was hyped as HBO’s new Game of Thrones. Well, you know, in terms of rushed endings and quickly degrading quality of writing, I guess Westworld did in the end become the new Game of Thrones. Good job, HBO.

Am I going to watch if there is a season 5? Yes. But only out of curiosity on how much more they can f this up. And only if you guys make a podcast.

Best regards,
from Berlin

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