Season Finale Vs Series Finale


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Hey guys,

I don’t think you can compare this to your favorite season finales. You really have to think about this as a Series Finale. Now i know it says season finale, but Damon Lindelof has said that at the moment he’s not planning on doing another season, and that he’s always thought of this as being self contained. If they do another one he mentioned it will probably be anthology style, like True Detective or Fargo.

A series finale has to wrap up any loose ends and give you a sense of satisfaction. So that being said, how many Series finales have you truly been blown away by? Game of Thrones? Breaking Bad? Those where decent series finales but non of them “blew you away”. Not to mention the fact that you and your fan base are really smart watchers who have been in this shit deeper than most viewers. I saw the finale with a group of friends who where casual viewers and everyone in the room was blown away and surprised by the twists and turns of the episode. I would encourage you all not to let your hyped up expectations or what you would have preferred to have seen get in the way of a truly enjoyable satisfying and damn near perfect Series Finale.

I hope when you watch it again you can appreciate how great of a show it was a great show and a hell of a way to go out.

Always a fan.

Raymond from Atlanta.

ps. can we all agree now that Jud was a bad guy?

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