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Hi Guys,

Listened to your insta podcast and wanted to share my feedback – especially when you spoke about listeners dropping off now as we are at the end of season. I have only just caught up in the series to be able to input to you guys. Have listened to you all for a number of years but first time contributing.

I was very disappointed about the finale for a number of reasons but I could honestly go on far too long with all the problems I had so I will narrow down to three areas of comments/wonderings:

1. The Frankie / Caleb story lines were a complete disaster. I don’t think they added anything – even emotionally in the end – to the overall story. What was the point of Frankie going in with Stubbs? In the end all she did was come back out alone with her wife on the boat. Why did Stubbs even go with them if he couldn’t kill to support them? Caleb left standing with his sore hand at the end was pathetic.

I feel that instead of spending time on these characters a better approach would have been to spend a whole episode(s) on the story of both Hope and The Homeless Man – what does the world look like outside the park for Hope, what is her experience like in the part etc, similarly for the Homeless Man…what does it look like as he comes back to reality – similar to the development of the Akecheta episode in season 1.

2. Through this season in particular the way the world has been presented in terms of security and technology has really bothered me. Why isn’t there more security around? How can outliers and hosts just walk around anywhere they want to go essentially. They can just walk into Hoover Dam which is stores the most important information in the world, or float into the park at will. The urbex community would be going wild! How are there no video cameras? If I walk to the shops from my place I would be filmed dozens of times. I can’t imagine that in this universe almost everywhere would be monitored ‘live’ by Hale’s droids. Also, surely the hosts would have some Wifi back up feature or Bluetooth to upload to a remote storage device in case they died (think Altered carbon).

3. In Australia we/I access HBO through a platform called Binge. On the Binge player it is saying “series finale” under the final episode. I haven’t done any reading around possibility of next season, but I can’t see this coming back. It was left with our own versions of how Delores would replay events and remember humanity and that is the way it will have to be. Loose strings around Man in Black and fidelity training at end of season 2 are all but forgotten.

Anyway, my list of disappointment went on forever so will leave it there. Looking forward to hearing the deep dive and other listeners thoughts. Thanks again for all your work.


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