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Whenever James Delaney says “I have a use for you…”, you know some fuckery is about to go down! When his mind is calm, he can see the pieces on the chessboard, and is 5 moves ahead. e.g. using Bethlem/Bedlam to hide the gunpowder.

Coop and Regent couldn’t break James bcuz he “takes pain like a stone” ~Dumbarton

My prediction is that while Sir Stuart Strange is meeting with James, Atticus and the Damned will grab Helga and her girl; Sir Stuart will provide a ship with a changed name (like Cornwallis to Influence) which will be Sir Stuart’s downfall and confirmation for Mr. Chichester’s case; I think James will escape dress as a soldier/guard Soldier who looked into the cell while James was being beaten

They will all rendezvous at Bedlam and escape!!

I was not a Tom Hardy fan before this, but now I’m going to watch some of his other work!! Love TABOO and your podcast! Looking forward to AMERICAN GODS with you gentlemen!!

Warrior Queen

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  1. Sissy Scrogum says:

    I have always been a fan of Tom Hardy. This series keeps us on the edge of our seats. (We gather & watch every Tuesday night. ) I rewind to the parts where I can’t hear him or understand what he’s saying or what the he’ll is going on. It’s fun going around trying to speak the accent & grunt here & there. This town has a population of approximately 900 people. Most everyone knows about Taboo. Even the cowboys, and people at the cafe are talking bout this great show!

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