Taboo FX Episode 2 Review

Taboo FX Episode 2
Taboo FX Episode 2

Taboo FX Episode 2

“Taboo” is another victory for the BBC and FX, based on debut ratings. Let’s review the new characters and examine James Keziah Delaney’s motives in paying his father’s debts and standing a little too close to his sister, Zilpha.

American fans fire your guns in celebration and English fans spit out your fancy teas as Yankee references run strong in Episode 2. Get the fascinating history behind American agents in London and the Treaty of Ghent.

Curious about James’ ship, the Felice Adventurero? Oh, it was real, and it’s story is fascinating. Find out what James was doing on the ship and why he set YET ANOTHER boat on fire.

Catch all that, plus Gene’s review of James’ ability to filet a dude, in this week’s edition of Taboo FX from Shat on TV.

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3 Responses

  1. Did It All For The Nootka says:

    Few observations on the podcast in which you may be interested: (1) Winter is in episode 1; she peaks out from behind the curtain when James first visits the brothel; (2) Mark Gatiss plays Mycroft Holmes- not Moriarty; and (3) Timothy Spall plays Wormtail in Harry Potter; Richard Dixon plays Pettifer in Taboo (they aren’t the same person).

  2. Hawk says:

    What about the foreign language he speaks in this episode? I took it to be an African language and that he is either praying or casting a spell. What do you think?


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