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Hi guys,

As every a great episode, on a tangent, this all looks very good for American Gods – my 3rd favorite Neil Gaiman story. Sorry but Good Omens (with Sir Terry Pratchett) and the Sandman series of graphic novels take the 2nd and 1st places respectively.

After the last episode and listening to your episode this morning, I have an idea that might work within the narrative framework of Taboo.

Essentially Delaney died either when the ship sank and returned as a revenant. His only intention being to exact revenge on those responsible – the EIC, specifically Sir Strange.

Thus no one can actually harm him in any way, shape or form. This is why he is so resistant to the torture in episode 7. It would also go some way to explaining why he has had visions of the dead – he is neither dead nor alive, but has “one foot in the grave”. It might also explain why Delaney has been acting the way he has. He has gathered people around himself to bring about his revenge on the EIC.

He doesn’t care about the war in America, about the Canadian-American border, his all-consuming interest is to may the board (if not the whole company) of the EIC suffer and pay for what they have done.

It is revenge, pure and simple, against those he trusted and placed him in a no win situation that led to his death; as well as the deaths of the crew and the slaves sealed within the hold.

In short, he has been playing everyone to bring down the EIC for his own death. Almost certainly an off the wall theory that has no reality within Taboo, but there it is and I’d be interested to hear what you guys think.


Gary Hicks

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