The “Costa Rica” Red Herring

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I’m writing a quick and simple email to you since you’re still using the “Costa Rica” theory.

My take on it is Meta for Micheal Chricton’s work, the original creator & director of the movie.

That whole scene was centered on the GoT showrunners, D&D. That Costa Rica quip was to make a link to another one of Chricton’s work, but that they can’t mention it because of rights to Universal: Jurassic Park! Where is it located? On an island on the coast of….. Bingo! Costa Rica.

Love your show, listen to it religiously for the past 2 years, started with Shat on Movie, then switched to Shat on TV for GoT & Westworld.

Keep up the great work!

P.s. Loooooved the Shat on Movie episode for Clue! Wanted to sponsor one for a while, I will do it for another movie, definitely.

Yannick (Say it like “yeah-nik”), from Montréal, Canada.

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  1. Ashley Schlafly says:

    I totally did not connect Costa Rica and Isla Nublar. Obviously, I was in the minority there :).

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