The Egg Of Love


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Hi guys,

Thank you for an amazing podcast. I was a complete Watchmen virgin having never read the comics or watched the movie so to have your expertise and background for the episodes really added to my Watchmen experience. However, I think you are all struggling with the curse of comic book knowledge here when it comes to why Angela would eat the egg. Your background is so extensive in the comic book world that you are forgetting that for Angela this was also a love story. She’s not thinking about the power or the consequences. She is heartbroken that she has lost the love of her life. There is no closure, no body, no burial for Cal/Jon. All that is left of him is this egg and I believe she desperately wants to hold on to any part of him that she can. She eats the egg because if he becomes a part of her, she will never be without him. It’s all for love.

Just my two cents. Keep up the good work and look forward to listening in on more podcasts in the future.


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