The Meaning of Nunyunnini

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Hi Guys,

Wow, absolutely loved your podcast this week. You guys were on top of it. And it was amazing.

Gene even got totally into the hippie-dippie numerology thing. Welcome to the dark side, my friend. I loved the idea of the speed limit. It’s a journey for Shadow and only so fast he can go.

I really loved the Nunyunnini story, and I went back to the book to ensure that I got all of it. The visual effects were gorgeous, and it also made me wish every Coming to America was done in the same way. What I took away from this story was that Atsula suffered to bring her people to a new land. Her faith and hence, her god helped her through this. The journey, however, took its toll and she succumbed to the spirit of the land (the Bufffalo). Or she sacrificed herself, as the story goes.

The interesting part is that the elders keep their faith and refuse to accept what the land has to offer. They die.

The children, however, understand the tangible. They believe what they can see. The land can feed them. Nunyunnini suffers extinction along with the mammoth and the children thrive in the post ice-age. (BTW the story is 14000BC).

The extinction of a god is a very important point, but also the children. Technical Boy’s minions are called Children. Coincidence? There is so much to delve into here about how our children are so susceptible to immediate gratification. Media and technology fuel that. The messages are engineered for maximum devotion.
I know you guys liked Laura this episode, but I really felt she had more depth last week. I liked the sass, but I was a bit taken aback by the total lack of remorse. Maybe it means if there is no belief, there is no guilt. So because she didn’t believe she loved Shadow, she didn’t really feel bad about the whole Robbie thing maybe. Now her heart goes pitter-patter for him and what, she’s gonna be a good (dead) person?

But I did love her sass with Sweeney. Sorry Gene. Loved it. She is feeling a bit epic after cheating Anubis and the whole Children-slaughter thing. Plus, she doesn’t really know how everyone is interested in Shadow or even what the whole game is just yet. I’m OK with her being a bitch, in this case. It’s protective.

Plus, I love any scene with Pablo Schreiber.

The introduction of the new gods was great. I loved Bowie Media, but had no patience for Monroe Media. It was uncomfortable. The idea of the ODIN missile was genius though. It was a metaphor for the Marvel universe and how it has updated Norse mythology with Hemsworths and Hiddlestons for the new generation. <Hell, I have a cat named Loki and I always like me some Hemsworth>

I searched high and low for Easter eggs this week, and I found myself really wanting. I will post whatever I find tomorrow.

And that’s all I have to say about that.


p.s. thank you for all the love. I love you back. xo

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